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I live on Main Street in Sebastopol, California, with my wife and our dog. We have a grown son living with us some of the time and a daughter who lives in San Francisco. Besides writing fiction and poetry, I also sing with a number of choirs and opera companies in Sonoma County.

Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, in 1949, I lived in Washington, D.C., and Fort Wayne, Indiana, and moved to the San Joaquin Valley of California in 1956. After living in Bakersfield and Modesto, my parents moved the family to Riverside, in Southern California, where I grew up and tried college without success. I got drafted in 1970. I returned home from Vietnam in 1972 and was educated at Santa Barbara City College and Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, where I studied English literature. I have done a variety of work that I used to think would make an interesting author note on the book jacket of my currently unfinished novel: laundry worker, bindery worker, landscaper, hospital page, typist, encyclopedia salesman, busboy, dishwasher, ice cream truck driver, construction laborer, bakery delivery man, disk jockey, greenhouse worker, office clerk, librarian, press operator, mail handler, tile factory worker, furniture mover, letter carrier, and more temporary occupations I have no doubt forgotten. Vietnam has had a profound effect on the rest of my life. I came back to the United States determined that I would always be a grower instead of a killer, a builder and not a destroyer. For the most part I have succeeded at what I have been trying to do. My love of music and poetry and beauty and the love of my family bring me joy.